Express Entry is the name of the global immigration program for skilled immigrants who wish to settle permanently in one of the Canadian provinces, except for Quebec. It combines three immigrant selection programs: the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Skilled Trades Worker Program and the Canadian Experience Class.

To begin your journey in this program, you must first build your personal file to verify your eligibility and your initial chances of success. . This file will include language tests and an evaluation of the diplomas obtained by the candidate. Using the results obtained, it will be possible to make a preliminary calculation of a candidate’s chances of success. If the results received are deemed to be sufficient to hopefully obtain an invitation from the Canadian government, an online profile can be created.

During the creation of the profile, Express Entry requires candidates to answer numerous questions regarding their English and/or French language skills, their Canadian and/or foreign work experience, the duration, nature and level of their professional skills, their education, their age, etc.

In addition, the nine Canadian provinces participating in Express Entry have their own nominee selection program for Express Entry. A nomination from one province dramatically increases your score for Express Entry. A careful search of these nomination programs, followed by an application to obtain a nomination, improves your chances of success.

Answers to the criteria generate a score. Once completed, your profile is assigned to a pool of candidates. At regular intervals, Express Entry issues invitations to apply for permanent residence to the candidates with the highest scores in the pool.

If you receive an invitation, you have 90 days to respond. The Canadian government’s promise is to process complete applications with all required supporting documents within six months or less.

Express Entry


  • Determination of the best possible strategy for your file based on your profile, available programs and timeframes.

  • Audit of provincial programs

  • List of documents to collect, assistance and follow-up with you to obtain them

  • Preparation of your file for the presentation of a profile

  • Preparation and presentation of your permanent residence file

  • Follow-up of your permanent residence file and your representation with the authorities until you obtain the status of permanent resident.