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The first step in obtaining a study permit is to obtain a letter of acceptance from a designated educational institution in Canada. You must have a credible and serious study project to present to the authorities. This study project must be based on your previous academic or professional experience.

Then, for your application to be accepted, you will have to demonstrate:

  1. that you have sufficient financial means (or convincing financial support),
  2. that you will respect your conditions of stay, i.e., that you will leave Canada once your studies are completed if your authorization to stay is not renewed,
  3. that you have the academic ability to successfully complete your studies.

For example, it will be difficult for a person who has failed university studies in his or her own country to persuade an agent that he or she will be able to successfully complete studies at a Canadian university. A person who has been away from school for many years would have to explain this to convince the officer that he or she is a bona fide student.

Studying in Canada is both an exciting project and an investment in the future. Proper planning of your study project in Canada, whether you are alone or accompanied by your family, is often the key to success given the applicable deadlines and the different requirements of the visa offices.

We can advise you on this subject especially if you intend to follow your studies in Canada with an application for permanent residence.

If you wish to begin long-term studies (in most cases, you do not need a study permit for studies shorter than 6 months), you should be aware that a study permit is usually issued upon entry to Canada. . If you are coming to Canada as a visitor, you will probably have to leave and re-enter Canada to get your study permit. Contact us to discuss your case.

Study in Canada


  • Assessment and prior discussion of your file in the context of a consultation (whether it is a first application or a renewal)

  • Preparation of the list of documents to be gathered to meet the requirements applicable to your file

  • Support for enrolment in a designated educational institution

  • Preparation of CAQ application and study permit forms

  • Providing an individualized cover letter explaining the circumstances of your case to the authorities

  • Follow-up of your file and your representation with the authorities.

Study in Canada


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