My case
is hopeless!

You may have exhausted all your options. Despite your desire to remain in Canada, you are facing a refusal and your status can no longer be restored. You may face a removal order about to be enforced by the Canada Border Services Agency.

Sometimes, consulting with a lawyer can inform you of your last chances of success at this stage or confirm the reality of an inevitable departure. The consultation may instruct you on certain extraordinary procedures that are less common, and we will be able to verify if they are applicable to you. In the event of an unavoidable departure, it can inform you about your chances of returning to Canada so that you can plan your life ahead.

However, you may be slightly ahead: you have received a notice of convocation from the Border Services Agency and you suspect that a removal order will be issued against you. In this case, the consultation can prepare you and we will check whether it is still possible to avoid the removal order.

We are familiar with your distress. We take the task of helping you through this difficult time very seriously.

My case is hopeless!


  • Reviewing your file and the various options available to you.

  • Reviewing immigration procedures already underway

  • Developing a strategy to allow you to stay if possible.

  • Preparation of your testimonials and documents if any