I am Having Problems
Submitting my Immigration Application Online

Our immigration work has been transformed by IRCC’s increased use of technology. Some clients come through the doors of our office with issues that are more IT than legal.

In our experience, the most common mistakes are the following. In our experience, the most common mistakes are the following. First, you may answer the pre-requisite questions incorrectly. When you begin the steps required to apply online, the system asks you a series of questions to verify your eligibility. These questions must be answered correctly and are sometimes phrased in “insider language” if you want to generate the right list of documents for the application you wish to submit. It is recommended that you pre-screen the documents required for a paper application and the instruction guides to ensure the requirements for your online application. Do not assume that the system will assist you or answer your questions. It is a tool. Immigration requirements are no less onerous because you are submitting your application online. Know what you want to do before going online.

Second, do not be discouraged by document size constraints. Your patience may be tested, but you must manage to reduce the size of your documents sufficiently while maintaining a certain quality. You must submit all the documents necessary to ensure that your application is understood. Consider separating your documents into two parts and submit the second block under the Client Information tab. (Put a blank sheet of paper after the first part with the word ” Continued)” under the Client Information tab to help the agent reviewing your application).

We recommend that you submit a letter of explanation under the Client Information tab to explain to the agent the type of application you are submitting. You may also include a list of supporting documents that you are enclosing with your application. It is not recommended that you submit an incomplete application, but if you do, provide the agent with information about the steps taken to obtain the required document and the approximate date it is expected to be received. Submit the document as soon as you obtain it through the web form.

Third, regarding the quality of the documents, some people take photographs of their documents using their cell phones. The officer who will process your application is still a human being, which means that if your photos are taken in the dark, are difficult to read or have parts cut off, it will be difficult for him or her not to be irritated and look unfavourably on your application. (Your application will not create a good first impression.) You need to treat the online application with the same professionalism and seriousness as if it were a paper application. We suggest the use of a scanner whenever possible.

Finally, site failures are frequent. Sometimes online portals do not respond. The problem may not come from you, but from IRCC. You must then wait for the repair to be made.

The more immigration evolves, the more comfortable you are with immigration technology becomes an important factor in the success of your immigration procedures. Do not hesitate to get help from people more skilled than you if needed.