Is it Possible
to Contact Canadian Immigration Authorities?

If only I could talk to someone… If you have a problem or your immigration process is taking longer than it should, here is a thought that has crossed your mind.

Unfortunately, unless there are exceptional circumstances beyond your control, the Canadian immigration system will not allow you to speak with the person responsible for your file. This does not prevent you from providing the required explanations, submitting the requested documents, informing the authorities of changes to your personal situation or following up on your file if necessary.

Currently, the best way to submit information is to use the web form available online on the IRCC website: IRCC Web form: Contact us online (

The site will allow you to send your queries and download documents that will be added to your file. If the text box available in the form is not enough to write everything you want to share, you can attach a letter that you will upload through the form. If you want to send several documents, feel free to send as many as you need through the web form. Print a copy of the pages of the form before you send them and date the printed document, so you will keep a record of your communications with IRCC. If you are not comfortable with the technology, ask for help.

Some visa offices abroad also have e-mail addresses posted online to receive client mail. You can use these addresses. Find the contact page for immigration files on the website of the Embassy that is studying your file (an example is in our toolbox). If you do not receive a response, send your mail again through the web form. If you do not receive a response, send your mail again through the web form.

The telecentre is IRCC’s telephone customer support center. It is sometimes useful to contact it when you are wondering about a procedure to follow, for immigration questions or to verify that everything remains in order in your file. Keep in mind that many people have been misled by the Telecentre, either because they miscommunicated their problems or because agents gave them wrong information – error is human! It should be remembered that IRCC has eliminated face-to-face points of service for individualized case management. The powers of Call Centre agents are therefore limited to specific actions: they cannot correct errors in your file or forward your explanations to a responsible agent. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Telecentre will be able to help you. We have seen, in exceptional circumstances, an agent put a note in a client’s file (for example, to inform that a missing document had been sent), but agents will usually categorically refuse to do so.

1. Phone number for the Telecentre:
1-888-242-2100 (in Canada only)

Another way to get help if you are facing a problem with your file is to contact the office of your Member of Parliament.

Every MP has a dedicated person responsible for helping people in their riding with their immigration problems, regardless of whether you are a Canadian citizen or not. The offices have a privileged telephone access line to obtain information from IRCC. They must maintain deference to the administration’s decisions and cannot overturn the decision in your case, but they will sometimes be able to give you support (note that some offices are more active than others). The procedure for contacting them differs from one office to another, but often begins with a phone call to the MP’s office to make an appointment.

Finally, the Canada Border Services Agency has set up a telephone information line for removal orders. Clients can call 1-833-995-0002 from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This line offers bilingual French-English service.

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Is it possible to contact Canadian immigration authorities?


IRCC web form:
IRCC Web form: Contact us online (

Phone number for Telecentre:
1-888-242-2100 (in Canada only)

As an example, contact page of the Canadian Embassy in Senegal:
Contact and Office Information (

Find your MP:
Find Members of Parliament – Members of Parliament – House of Commons of Canada (

National line for removals:

General information CBSA:
Contact the CBSA for general information on programs, services and initiatives (