Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

The reasons mentioned vary from one client to another. Some people prefer to be accompanied to better manage the stress of immigration procedures.

These people work with a lawyer to make sure that everything is going normally in their case or because they do not have time to deal with their cases. Other people readily recognize that they do not have the skills to build their case alone and prefer to deal with a lawyer who will give them a course of action.

There will be times when legal counsel is required because you feel you are the victim of an injustice. For example, our file has been refused several times, or we must be represented before a court such as the Immigration and Refugee Board.

While there are many reasons to hire a lawyer, there are also many ways to benefit from their advice. While there are many reasons to hire a lawyer, there are also many ways to benefit from their advice. Some people make an appointment for a single consultation to test their understanding of the immigration world and make sure they have made the right decisions. Some people make an appointment for a particular problem that was not anticipated. Others want the lawyer to oversee the case from start to finish. In this case, the lawyer will assess the client’s situation during an initial consultation to offer either a flat fee or to agree on an hourly rate. Once the lawyer has been retained, he or she will generally give the client a questionnaire to complete and a list of documents to gather. A strategy will be developed based on the objectives to be achieved. The lawyer will handle the completion of the procedures and will verify that the file is complete. The lawyer will receive communications from IRCC and will follow up on the submission when a final response is received.

Why choose a lawyer over an immigration consultant? Immigration consultants do not have the same educational background as lawyers. They have completed an attestation of collegial studies, whereas to become a lawyer in Quebec, you must have a university bachelor’s degree in law followed by one year at the Bar school and 6 months of internship. However, the way the immigration world works is set out in several legislative documents such as the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act or the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations. Lawyers must respect many professional obligations set out in the Code of Ethics for Lawyers. They are members of the Barreau du Québec, whose mission is the protection of the public through the supervision of the practice of the legal profession by lawyers. Lawyers are both representatives of their clients and officers of the court. Since they collaborate in the administration of justice, this means that they must demonstrate integrity and honesty in the conduct of their cases.

If your file is simple and you have the time, you can decide to handle your immigration procedures by yourself. However, there are many good reasons to hire an immigration lawyer. Since procedures often take several years, make sure you choose a representative with whom you can get along well.

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Why hire an immigration lawyer?


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